A chopstick is a common utensil that is a pair of two long sticks used to eat things with one hand. Chopsticks are designed in a way that they are ideal for picking up small bits of food. However, if you know how to use them efficiently, then there is no problem in eating rice; dumplings or any kind of meat.

About 1.5 billion people in many countries like China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, but now this culture is spreading to other corners of the world. In this post, let’s see the history and the types of chopsticks together.

History Of Chopsticks

Chopsticks have a long and well-rooted history in the world, but many people do not know where they start. However, the first chopstick was designed in China about 5 thousand years back.

Initially, people used rough twigs as chopsticks but by the time they came much more in shape and materials. In 500 AD, the chopstick use was spread to many other countries where it is being used.

Types of Chopsticks

Based on the style and material, chopsticks are divided into different types. When it comes to style base, the chopsticks are known by the name of the countries in which these styles are used.

Based on Style

#1 Chinese Chopstick

Chinese chopsticks are made from different materials, from wood (traditional material) to plastic. These chopsticks are up to 22-25cm in length and about 4mm thick with flat and round tips.

Stunning wood and bamboo chopsticks are pretty common in China as they are cost-effective, health-friendly.

#2 Korean Chopstick

Unlike in China, metal chopsticks are common in Korea. Korean chopsticks are up to 10 cm long and are usually very simple. The major benefit of metal chopsticks is that they can be used multiple times.

#3 Japanese Chopstick

In Japan, 9 inches chopsticks with sharp or taper ends are used because fish or seafood is common in Japan. Like China, wood and bamboo is the common material in Japanese chopsticks.

#4 Vietnamese Chopstick

Vietnam chopsticks are similar to Chinese chopsticks in length and ends.

Based on Material

Based on materials, chopsticks are divided into different types;

#1 Wood Chopsticks

Wood chopsticks are pretty rough with a good grip. It’s one of the most common and excellent types of material used in chopsticks. The major benefit of wood chopsticks is that they are good heat conductors, so they can easily use for hot food.

#2 Bamboo Chopsticks

Bamboo chopsticks are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and a bit more silky than wood. A good-quality bamboo chopstick can use for about half a year.

#3 Metal Chopsticks

The major benefits of metal chopsticks are their long-term use. Usually, stainless steel is used in these chopsticks, but other metals like alloy and gold can also use. Unlike wood chopsticks, metal is not a good conductor of electricity.

#4 Plastic Chopsticks

Plastic is the most health-concerning material in chopsticks. When choosing the plastic chopstick, make sure to pick only good-quality plastic. Plastic chopsticks are quite attractive for kids because of their multiple colors.

Final Verdict

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