In cooking, it is essential to have the larger bits of food crushed into smaller sizes. There are a particular set of machine that helps grind different materials into smaller sizes. These are known as custom grinders. In kitchens, one may find meat grinders, coffee grinders, food processors and herb and spice grinders to name a few.

Why Grinders Are Important in Kitchen?

These grinders help the user to make whatever food that they want. This is because in certain dishes, one particular item needs to be present in a certain size which allows for the best taste. It is difficult to achieve same results each time manually. However, that isn’t the case when it comes to grinders. Grinders always produce the same result. This is maintained by the sharpness of the blades present in the grinders.

Herbs and spices have been crucial in cooking since forever. These add the very much needed zing to the meals. That is why, currently, the need to buy herb and spice grinders have increased. It is necessary for the users to choose a grinder that is perfect for their needs. This can be difficult to pick out. But, thanks to Alibaba, it isn’t an issue anymore. Alibaba with its huge catalogue of grinders allows their users to pick the custom grinder of their needs.

Why Custom Grinders Are Great for You?

Custom grinders are perfect because it allows the user to pick and choose the one that fits perfectly to their needs.

1. Made Of Durable Materials Including Ceramic & ABS Plastic

These grinders on Alibaba are made for durability. Using materials like steel, ceramic and ABS plastic, these grinders from Alibaba last far longer than other grinders present in the market. The grade A quality materials allow the herbs to be properly grounded even after several use, ensuring that the blades don’t wear down with use as quickly.

2. Highly Portable & Easy To Store

These grinders on Alibaba are very portable. The high grade quality materials used to make these grinders are also lightweight. This allows the users to carry their grinders with them. Not only that, the size of the grinders (63 mm in diameter and 66 mm in height) allows them to be stored easily.

3. It’s An Affordable Product

Having so many perks, one might think that these grinders cost a lot but luckily, on Alibaba, these grinders aren’t super costly. These are very budget friendly and the quality is always maintained.

4. Can Grind Any Herb & Spice

These herb grinders from Alibaba are very functional. Any type of herb and spices can be grinded in these grinders. The blades are so high quality that they produce finely grounded herbs each time despite several uses.

5. Easy To Use & Convenient Design

The design and the size of the grinder make it very easy to use. The 66 mm height makes this grinder very convenient to carry allowing users to grind herb on the go.

6. Can Be Customized for White labeling

White labeling is when a company sells a product that they got from another company. These grinders are simple, classy and have an amazing finish and yet they are available for customization in case someone would like to start their own grinder business. This way Alibaba helps the budding entrepreneurs to begin their start up business.


A portable grinder that can help one grind herbs on the go can help a lot of people, especially chefs. Alibaba has a huge catalogue of portable grinders that one can buy for a reasonable price that is great in quality. Alibaba with its worldwide shipping and 24/7 customer service helps the user to pick the grinder of their choice easily. Alibaba also provides trade assurance to the buyers.


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