Enjoying films, TV programs, special shows, and other entertainment was never more straightforward as it is now, thanks to the most fantastic IPTV super tvbox available from SuperTV Box. SuperBox broke the news when they announced the debut of the SuperBox S3 Pro in October 2021! The company has worked hard to ensure everybody who watches television has a fun experience.

With SuperBox S3 Pro, it represents a significant advancement, thanks to its designed voice assistant and a slew of new and intriguing functions that you must try.

SuperBox S3 Pro Interesting Functions:

The SuperBox S3 Pro is equipped with Android 9.0 STB, 32GB storage, 2GB DDR RAM, and dual-band WiFi for steady playback. It’s available in a variety of colors. The device, which has an ethernet port and two additional antennas, is by far the most sophisticated voice-controlled TV box commercially available at present.

Sleek Design

The SuperBox S3 Pro has a similar appearance to the S2 Pro, with a smooth box that has two eternal antennae and an LED display in the front. However, the remote differs significantly from S2 Pro and S1 Pro because it has a curved shape on the rear.

Updated Interface and Hotkeys

On the first time that you switch on the device, you’ll notice a completely different design that is pretty identical to S2 Pro. However, in addition to some of the most commonly used programs and websites, you’ll be able to add your own preferences to the homepage shortcuts. The temperature symbol is found in the top corner of the screen and shows the current weather patterns in your area. By selecting the “FN” symbol, you may create hotkeys for various applications in order to make it easier to open specific applications with a single click as contrasted to its previous version.

High-Quality Picture with Decoding Tech

Linking SuperBox with a High-Resolution TV and experiencing the highest screen resolution you’ve ever experienced is simple, thanks to the robust programming and processing features built into the device. This streaming gadget is also capable of delivering 60 percent greater speed and performance. Then, with the use Real-Time Weather indicator, you can quickly watch out for the weather in your area, and utilizing its hotkeys function, you can go to your favorite programs in a matter of seconds. What’s more, this IPTV box comes with a new voice activation feature that is not available on any other SuperBox devices or competition.

The Voice Control Feature

Its superior wireless control connectivity with Infrared and Bluetooth is one of the most distinguishing characteristics that distinguish the S3 Pro as the most exemplary IPTV device on the market. Voice commands will be available as soon as you couple your remote to your box and push the voice key on the controller. It is not essential to install the Google Assistant app in order to Voice command with the device. Tapping the voice key and talking into the microphone will allow you to operate the gadget.


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