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Good lighting is essential to create an attractive, unique, and cozy living space. You will even feel motivated to accomplish several tasks as you enjoy the nice look of the room. If you aren’t sure where to get perfect products for lighting, check sylvania shop, and you will appreciate the move.

After the daily hustles and you feel exhausted, you want to reach home to a relaxing and comfortable environment that will cool your brain and the whole body. Are you wondering how SYLVANIA Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb improves your space? You can consider the following ideas and enhance your space with smart lights.

How Smart Ligts Enhance your Living Space

  • Create three levels of lighting to improve the mood.

Depending on the materials your living room is made up of, you need to create three-level of lighting to suit every moment. For instance, if your living space is made of plaster or wood, you need high lighting. You can also consider recessed lights in the case of fireplaces, art, and table surfaces.

You can go overboard and use wall-mounted lights to create an extra sparkle in the living space.

  • Understand that extreme lighting isn’t always perfect.

Sometimes you might be tempted to overfill your living space with many smart lighting ideas. Remember, a living room is where your family and other guests should feel comfortable and relaxed. This means extreme lights will kill the vibe and make the whole session boring. Illuminate the room with ideas such as floor lamps or use chandeliers.

  • Use Ambient lighting to create a feeling of warmth

The purpose of ambient lighting is to blend with the light coming off the ceiling to give your room some warmth that will make people inside feel total comfort and have maximum relaxation. But how do you create ambient light in your room? Well, you can create colorful cabinets or install wall scones as many designers do.

  • Make a single point attractive using a chandelier or lamp

Chandeliers and lamps make the room attractive and give a central place some good attraction. Evaluate your living room style and choose a spot where you feel the lamp or chandeliers will bring out the perfect look.

  • Consider floor and table lamps for illumination

Another creative way to give your living room a serene feeling is using the lamps on the floor and tables for illumination purposes. They enhance the beauty and improve visual character by ensuring the color and materials used in the living space blend perfectly for a cool environment.

  • Use bulbs of different colors and shapes.

While spicing up your living room, don’t be too basic. Choose bulbs with beautiful colors and shapes that you know will improve your living space look.


Nothing beats the feeling of a nice-looking living room. Do not just use regular lighting for the sake of it but go overboard and create impressive ideas that will modify the look of your living space. After all, you need a cool, relaxed, and serene environment that you can enjoy every moment you are in the house.


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